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Udaipur is one of the fabulous cities of India and is also called the Venice of the east. This is the place of monumental beauty and one can enjoy the days of honeymoon in the Lake palace located in the famous Lake Pichola. On the banks of this lake is another palace called City Palace. The Lake palace is among the marvelous structures and in the present times, this is a world class heritage hotel. The City palace is another impressive monument and before the construction of this monument, hermit had met the king who suggested him to construct it. In the present times, the City palace is one of the much visited monuments. The charm and beauty of Udaipur is so special that it has prompted many Hollywood and Bollywood directors to shoot movies here. The famous movie Octopussy was shot here. In this movie, one finds the famous personality called James bond.

Jag Mandir is an incredible monument located on an island of Lake Pichola. The name of Jag Mandir is kept after King Jagat Singh. It is said that the emperor Shah Jahan once stayed in this palace because he was the good friend of Karan Singh. Udaipur is a dream destination for the honeymooner and one would love to enjoy the few days of honeymoon in the same room once used by the king.

This place makes one feel special because it provides both the touch of natural as well as monumental splendor. In the Lake palace of Udaipur, one can get the tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. In Udaipur, one also finds the famous garden called Sahilyon ki Bari. This was made by king for the queen. Rajasthan is the desert state of India and one can see the beauty of monuments and lush sand dunes.