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Tirupati Temple

Karvetinagaram, located about 48 Km from Tirupati, traces its origins back to the era of the Chalukyas, who had their capital at Narayanavanam. At some point, a forest was cleared and their new capital (Nagaram) was built here. Since the capital was built by cutting down a forest, this place came to be known as ‘Kadu vetti Nagaram’ (kadu means forest and vetti means cutting down; in Tamil). Over the years, the name has been corrupted to Karvetinagaram.

Narayanavanam was the erstwhile capital of the Chalukya kings. But before that, it was also the capital of Akasa Raja, the father of Padmavati. It is believed that the temple is the location of the marriage of Srinivasa and Padmavati. It is Akasa Raja who is believed to have built both, this temple as well as the original Tirumala temple to commemorate the divine marriage.

The Annapoorna Sametha Sri Kasi Vishwanatha Swamy temple is located at Bugga Agraharam near Nagari. This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as Kashi Vishwanatha Swami and his consort, Annapoorna, who serves everyone food. The temple also has a shrine to Prayaga Madhava Swamy accompanied by Bhudevi and Sridevi. Thus, this temple enshrines all the deities one would see on a pilgrimage to Kasi and Allahabad!