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Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir and this is the city in continuous existence since the millenniums. One would love to see the three attractions here and these are houseboats, gardens and lakes. The person can purchase the handicrafts and dry fruits in the city because the city is famous for these two things.

In Srinagar, one can find the heritage monuments as well as the pristine beautiful spots. The temple of Shankaracharya is among the oldest temples of the region and is located on the hill. This is the temple of Shiva, the supreme deity of Hinduism. It is said that Shankaracharya, the reformer of Hinduism visited the temple during his lifetime. Another shrine of Srinagar is Hariparbat dedicated to goddess Sharika, the patron goddess of Jammu and Kashmir. From Pahalgam, one can move towards the famous Amarnath cave, the cave of ice lingam, that increases and decreases with the waxing and waning of moon. There is a heavy rush of pilgrims from different parts of India and abroad to this cave shrine and the yatra accomplishes on the day of rakshas bandan. Visit the famous Pari Mahal and in the old times, this was the palace of the fairies.

There is another shrine of importance called Tullamulla. It is dedicated goddess Ragina and has much historical relevance. It is said that Dara Shikoh came here to test the powers of the goddess. He ordered the cooks to prepare the non vegetarian food that is forbidden in the shrine. To his surprise, the non- vegetarian food turned into vegetarian food and by this miracle, he was convinced about the power of the goddess. The city of Srinagar is primarily dominated by Muslims who were the converts from Hinduism in the early centuries. There is a famous shrine called Hazratbal. This shrine has the relic of Prophet Mohammed.