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In more ways than one Hampi, the capital of ancient Vijayanagara kingdom is the epicentre of Karnataka tourism. Amidst the captivating ruins of Hampi you get a first hand insight of the architectural perfection of 14th century India. The entire landscape of Hampi is an interesting juxtaposition of large monuments and boulders. In other words, Hampi is a place that needs to be seen to be believed.

Many pilgrims and backpackers crave for a travel to Hampi village in Karnataka (India). Surrounded by majestic hills and lush valleys, the village offers you a pleasing view of more than 500 monuments of different types. Its surrounding regions are dotted with temples, ancient aquatic structures, palaces, bastions, regal platforms and pavilions. The list is undoubtedly endless and as you move closer to this pristine destination, you would realize that the surprises it has in store for you are truly magnificent.

Hampi is located in the central part of Karnataka. Once upon a time, it was the capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom, which dominated a large part of south India after the Mughals faded away. Today the mighty capital lies in ruins as though intrigued in the splendid past.

A stunning landscape strewn with rocky outcrops and gigantic granite boulders hemmed in lush greenery greet you as you travel to Hampi. On the bank of the river Tungabhadra, the town lies deserted. Once the river was the lifeline of the empire.

You do not have any activity here. Stark quietness of the ruins bring alive a time of Indian history would cast a spell as you travel to Hampi.