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Dehradun is one of the finest places when it comes to vacation and is also called Doon valley. The pristine beauty of the Himalayas creates an everlasting sensation in the body, mind and soul. On the west of this place, one can find the river Ganges and on the east of the region, one can find the river Yamuna. Dehradun is the gateway to the pristine hill station of Mussoorie. There is a legend associated with the place and one finds the place culturally rich. There is the legend of Ramayana and Mahabharata associated with this place. For the archaeologist and the lover of history, this is the place of importance because of the fact that some relics idols of the ancient temples dating back to two thousand years have been found here. Besides this, archaeologists have found the edicts of Ashoka in the region.

In Dehradun, one can see the famous Tapkeshwar temple, a temple worth seeing for the religious tourist. This is the temple of Shiva. For the environmentalist or the wildlife lover, there is the Malsi deer park. One can find various species of deer in the park apart from some another species of animals also. Dehradun is famous for the renowned forest research institute. Another temple of eminence in the region is the Santala Devi temple. This is the temple of the patron goddess of the region. For the lover of architecture, Dehradun is awesome spot because of some elegantly designed old buildings. Morison memorial church is a building of very good architecture. Uttaranchal fulfills the dreams of honeymoon or vacation because the place is full of natural reserves. One would really love to spend the days of honeymoon in Mussoorie after coming to Dehradun. This hill station is near this place.