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Chamba is an exclusive region where heavenly beauty meets the earthly beauty. Located at an altitude of more than three thousand and two hundred feet above the level of sea, Chamba gives a true satisfaction to the nature lovers and the romantic couples. From here, one can find the glimpse of the beautiful river Ravi and another river called Sal. In fact, Ravi is the tributary of the trans- Himalayan River named Indus. Apart from the natural beauty of the town; there are palaces and temples in the region making the place a fusion of natural and monumental beauty. Chamba region is famous for fairs and the two famous ones here are Suhi mata mela and Minjar mela. For the crafts and arts, this is one of the exceptional places in India. One can see the unique pahari paintings in this part of India.

The temple of Lakshmi Narayan
Lakshmi Narayan temple belongs to the Vaishnavi sect of Hinduism. This temple is 1000 year old and was constructed by Raja Sahil Verman. In this temple, one finds the metallic image of Garuda although the major part of the temple is constructed from wood.

The temple of Chamunda devi
This temple is located in the Shah Mandir hill range. King Umed Singh constructed the temple in the eighteenth century. This temple is made of wood with a gabbled roof.

Akhand Chandi palace Constructed in the eighteenth century by King Umaid Singh, this is known for the green roof. This palace is a testimony of British and Mughal styles of architecture. In this palace, there is also a chamber for ladies. It was added later.